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Arctic Ice Sheet loss

CryoSat’s measurements since October 2010 allow scientist to work out the real loss of ice, monitor seasonal change and identify trends. The thickness of sea ice reached record low levels. The measurements show similar results than simulations coming from PIOMAS, the Pan-Arctic Ice-Ocean Modelling and Assimilation System (Source: ESRIN/ESA).

Now imagine you can leverage innovative, powerful tools to investigate further and quicker on this challenging environmental issue...

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Detection of Algal blooms

Global ’red tide hunt’ studies, with analysis of water-leaving radiance at 709nm on the full ENVISAT MERIS archive, searched for benthic vegetation, floating vegetation, or blooms in ice (location, extent, intensity, variability). The intensive processing of the full archive led to the detection of a variety of events, in Canada and Gulf of Mexico (Source: Gower and King IOS/ESA).

The hunt for the red tide toxins revealed previously unreported extensive areas of pelagic vegetation or ’Sargassum’. Further studies need to be carried on to better understand the role of the related environmental parameters...

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Global air pollution

With 18 months of SCIAMACHY observations, European scientists mapped a high-resolution global map of nitrogen dioxide pollution. A new model is now being developed to deal with the full archived data (Source: IUP Heidelberg/ESA).

Further atmospheric composition measurements are needed, and continuity instruments will fly from 2014 onwards e.g. on the Sentinels satellites, to deliver more data. Flexible Cloud Services are already foreseen to cope with such amount of processing...

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Your own application domain

We can support your own Earth Science application. Terradue has a long standing work experience with space agencies, state and local governments, applied science labs, academic research organizations, international standardization committees, open source software communities, private sector companies. We support researchers in many Earth Sciences domains such as geosciences, marine ecosystems, oceans and coastal zones, climate change...

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